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Ease your Menstrual Suffering.

 Speed up diagnosis times.  Support with diagnosis & your preferred treatment route. Reduce wasted GP appointments.

Self-referral available.


Our award winning Menstrual Cycle Support programme to alleviate menstrual suffering is the world's first non-clinical menstrual health service to be offered on referral through the GP surgery - and has been designed with the help of patients, women's health specialists (gynaecology, reproductive & sexual health), clinical psychology, GPs, medical sociology and from leaders in the menstrual movement - and are especially inspired by the teachings of Menstrual Cycle Awareness from the Red School. 

Following an exciting pilot in every GP surgery in Cornwall in 2021 and a huge demand for the service from GP surgeries and menstruators across the UK (and beyond), I set up the eHealth menstrual literacy organisation, Menstrual Cycle Support  with the help of a brilliant clinical and expert team, to ensure our service is available on social prescription throughout the UK.

The Menstrual Cycle Support course was made partly possible thanks to the generous support of our Menstrual Cycle Support Course Sponsors and PartnersGrace & Green, the UK's leading ethical and organic period product brand and to an eHealth grant for businesses in Cornwall. 


 "I’d like to see it in every surgery in England and across the UK."

Dr Michael Dixon,

GP, Chair of Social Prescribing Institute & Chairman of College of Medicine and Integrated Health

"a positive step forward, and I am confident it will support more women and girls to manage their symptoms, and empower them to discuss treatment with healthcare providers." 

Nadine Dorries, Minister for Women's Health

"A big step forward for women's health"

Mandu Reid, Leader of Women's Equality Party

"We welcome this initiative"

Edward Morris, President of Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

"a vital support for those with undiagnosed menstrual conditions"

Emma Cox, CEO, Endometriosis UK

‘This free course is badly needed, especially at this time when the pandemic has put such a strain on finances.  It’s reassuring that GPs can refer to a support course, other than just giving prescription drugs’

Zoe Davies, patient

 I applaud Kate Shepherd Cohen for this initiative and hope that will be rolled out nationally in the same sensitive and inclusive way.

Neelam Heera, Founder of Cysters charity, campaigner for improved menstrual health & education in marginalised communities. 

"We are thrilled to see Menstrual Cycle Awareness taught and prescribed in the NHS Social Prescription programme created by Kate Shepherd Cohen."

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlizer, creators of Menstrual Cycle Awareness and Founders of Red School

"Having a wide range of high quality referral options is key so we are thrilled to now be able to offer menstrual support through social prescribing."

Hayley Burgoyne, Social Prescribing Link Worker

"This course will be so valuable for patients who want to learn more about their bodies and move past taboos and negative messages"

Chella Quint, Founder Period Positive, Former Head of PHSE, menstrual educator & author

I'm excited to see how this course will help people manage their periods, instead of their periods managing them, especially at this difficult time during the pandemic.

Gabby Edlin, CEO, Bloody Good Period

"Mental health and menstrual health are inextricably linked. I am excited to support this very important initiative and hope to see it available to more and more menstruators."

Dr Helena Tucker, Clinical Psychologist

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