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Can the menstrual cycle alleviate Covid-19 stress?

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Disruption to the menstrual cycle - irregular of absent periods, PMS, heavier bleeding etc is seen as a by-product, a symptom, of stress. Research shows, as published on the NHS website, that stress contributes to premature death across the board ("Worried to death?").

But how about we look to the menstrual cycle as a way of alleviating and preventing stress itself?

I can testify, from my own experience, that living life in harmony with the menstrual cycle, (taking time out at menstruation, for example), can change the way we respond to stressful situations. It can eliminate stress.

Surely this therefore means that living in harmony with your menstrual cycle could alleviate the major stress suffered by the Covid-19 pandemic?

Surely we should all therefore be living in harmony with our menstrual cycles?

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