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10th October 2022

Kate Shepherd Cohen, Founder & CEO, launches Menstrual Cycle Support, an eHealth menstrual literacy organisation, which includes the world's first menstrual health service on referral through the GP Surgery on social prescription, with endorsement from the Women's health Ambassador and President of the Royal College of Obs/Gyn. 

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TEDx Talk released and published on 

June 2022

Kate Shepherd Cohen's TEDx talk: Period Problems: why there's hope (delivered in November), is uploaded to TEDx YouTube channel and instantly published on (never a guarantee!)


Award-winning Menstrual Interior Design & Architecture

May 2022

Paige Sargent awarded a first class honours degree from the University of Falmouth, with an award winning final year project on creating an educational menstrual environment, for which Kate Shepherd Cohen provided consultancy , inspiring Paige to consider children (from 7years) as her primary target audience, with understanding that parents/guardians/teachers accompanying them would receive a menstrual education at the same time. 

Person Participating in Video Call

Participant Advisory Board welcomed

May 2022

Kate Shepherd Cohen welcomes users of her world first online course in menstrual cycle support to join a Participant Advisory Board so that the course can continue to evolve as a user-led initiative.

Treatment plan
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Research Advisory Board welcomed

April 2022

Kate Shepherd Cohen welcomes a team of academics and specialists in Health Informatics to the Menstrual Cycle Support Research Advisory Board. The team will help Menstrual Cycle Support to close the Gender Health Gap by collecting data that can further menstrual health innovation. Data privacy for patients remains at the core of everything we do.

Kate Shepherd Cohen takes part in cutting edge menstrual research

April 2022

The research asks the question: “What are the current states of the menstrual

equity and period poverty movements, and what are emerging priorities for achieving menstrual equity and decreasing period poverty?”

Menstrual Cycle Support Featured on NASP website

8 March 2022

Menstrual Cycle Support featured by the National Academy for Social Prescribing as a spotlight member of the Accelerating Innovation Programme.

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New Online Free Foundation Course announced

March 2022

To celebrate Social Prescribing week 2022, Kate Shepherd Cohen announces a New Online Free Foundation Course will be accessible to everyone in the UK on social 

prescription by the end of the year.

28ish podcast: more than just a period...

February 2022

Ahead of Social Prescribing Week, Kate Shepherd Cohen talks to 28ish about revolutionising menstrual health through social prescribing and her journey to understanding the difference between menstrual pain & menstrual suffering.

Menstrual Cycle Support Ltd begins trading to #BreaktheBias on IWD

8 March 2022

Menstrual Cycle Support Ltd begins trading today, International Women's Day, as a Health/Fem Tech that strives to address health inequalities & close the gender pain gap through menstrual health on social prescription. 

Menstrual Cycle Support Teams Up


Ask the Expert

January 2022

Kate Shepherd Cohen interviewed as 'expert' on all things menstrual cycle, prompted by a listener's question on menstrual synchrony: "why do girls/women seem to have their periods at the same time?"

"Such a fabulous question! Thanks to BBC Radio for reaching out - I'm always happy to talk periods!"

Kate Shepherd Cohen


Welcome Dr Helena Tucker

January 2022

Thrilled to announce that Dr Helena Tucker, clinical psychologist and women's wellbeing specialist who input onto the content of the first MCS course, has agreed to become 

Kate Shepherd Cohen's supervisor.

"Although Menstrual Cycle Support does not offer therapy, it is therapeutic in practice as participants often feel safe to share trauma held in their womb space, I therefore felt it was crucial I seek out professional supervision to ensure that I continue to be effective whilst engaging in reflective practice myself"

Kate Shepherd Cohen

Image by Hannah Busing

Menstrual Cycle Support

Teams Ups


January 2022

Kate Shepherd Cohen gathers a team of multimedia specialists to help create Menstrual Cycle Support online programmes that can be accessed by patients across the UK on social prescription.

"Having a MCS team of experts who share my vision of a world without menstrual suffering is an exciting next step in the journey to ensure that everyone who suffers with their menstrual cycle in the UK has access to this vital support. "

Kate Shepherd Cohen


Menstrualism for social & environmental change

December 2021

In this podcast, Kate Shepherd Cohen explores how menstrualism - her word for the global menstrual movement - is catalysing change as the most important movement for the 21st Century. 

Listen to the podcast


Period problems - and why there's hope


November 2021

Kate Shepherd Cohen takes the stage to give a glimmer of hope during, what she calls, a 'pandemic of period problems'.

Video released, early 2022


GW4 Menstrual & Mental Health Research Community

November 2021

Kate Shepherd Cohen invited to contribute to community of leading researchers in Epidemiology; Policy; Genetics; and, Neuroscience at Universities of Bristol, Exeter, Bath & Cardiff


600,000 patients offered menstrual health support in world first

July 2021


Every GP surgery in Cornwall has signed up to offer their 588,882 patients menstrual health support through social prescription, the first time globally that non-clinical menstrual health has been offered through doctor surgeries.

Read more

Analyzing the data

Menstrual Cycle Support partners with
Meaningful Measures

June 2021

Kate Shepherd Cohen partners with qualitative & quantitive research company Meaningful Measures to evidence just how effective her Menstrual Cycle Support on social prescription is for those wishing to alleviate their menstrual suffering.  


Kate Shepherd Cohen speaks menstrual health at first ever Period Summit in Australia

June 2021


The Australian Commissioner for Children & Young People hosted first ever period summit with talk on menstrual health on social prescription led by Kate Shepherd Cohen.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Menstrual Cycle Support offered in 29 surgeries in Cornwall

April 2021


Following the success of Menstrual Cycle Support on social prescription at St Austell Healthcare, the programme is now available through 29 surgeries in Cornwall representing 350,000 patients. Surgeries include those in Newquay, Truro, St Ives, Falmouth & Penryn, and in Penwith, among others.

BBC radio cornwall logo.png

Roll-out of Menstrual Cycle Support (MCS) across Cornwall
April 2021

Kate Shepherd Cohen back on BBC Radio Cornwall to talk about her own experience of 'menstrual leave' and announce her hopes for the roll out of Menstrual Cycle Support so that it is available to patients across Cornwall.


Menstrual Cycle Support to register as a business 

18 March 2021


In celebration of International Social Prescribing Day, Kate Shepherd Cohen announces that Menstrual Cycle Support (MCS) is to register as a business, which will seek to integrate non-clinical menstrual cycle support into mainstream healthcare via social prescription.

"Super excited, too, about the opportunities that menstrual health on social prescription offers for businesses, institutions and other organisations, as well as patients, too.

(Kate Shepherd Cohen)

BBC radio cornwall logo.png

30 minute ' getting to know you' interview

March 2021


Kate Shepherd Cohen talks about her journey from menstrual suffering to creating an award-winning menstrual cycle support service available on social prescription - a world first.


Innovator of the Year 2021 

March 2021


I am honoured to have been awarded ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the International Social Prescribing Conference for being the first person in the world to offer non-clinical menstrual health support through GP surgeries.

It was described during the ceremony as ‘a true innovation’ for menstrual health and for social prescribing globally.


GPs prescribe menstrual support in UK First

December 2020


Clinicians, politicians and leaders in the menstrual movement hail new course as an exciting programme, "desperately needed by many"

I'm excited to see how this course will help people manage their periods, instead of their periods managing them, especially at this difficult time during the pandemic.

Gabby Edlin, CEO, Bloody Good Period

Image by Malvestida Magazine

Book contribution:

Flex: Reinventing Work for a Smarter, Happier Life by Annie Auerbach (pub. Harper Collins)


"Living in harmony with the menstrual cycle (and being supported to do so) is, I believe, the key to true feminine liberation" (Kate Shepherd Cohen)

Image by Adeolu Eletu

Financial Times interview 

How to make your menstrual cycle work for you by

Susie Mesure



"This is how we operate and can do better in business and life. I call it Menstrualism." (Kate Shepherd Cohen)

Image by Jana Shnipelson

International Women's Day Article, Huff Post

How wearing Red is a Symbol of Blood & a Menstrual Revolution by

Kate Shepherd Cohen

"Menstruation, I believe, needs to be at the heart of the new international feminist movement if we are to deeply understand the rights and needs of 50% of the world's population" (Kate Shepherd Cohen)

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