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Laziness? Or simple self care?

As well as menstrual suffering, what unites many of the women I work with - regardless of their background - is their incredible work ethic and aversion to being 'lazy'.

"Idle hands are the devil's tools" according to the saying, which goes back to the dark ages.

Do we really need to work at all times, at all costs? Do we really need to push on through month on month even though our bodies are screaming at us to pause? After all, we don't call ourselves lazy for simply sleeping at night? If our daily rhythm (circadian) is respected, why shouldn't our monthly (circa-lunar)? Would it be so terrible if we supported one another so if one person is on their period we just let them rest awhile and we help out a little more? Do we really need to repeatedly apologise for looking after ourselves by doing a little less?

I so enjoy hearing the participants on the Menstrual Cycle Support course begin to give themselves permission to take things more slowly at menstruation and begin to reap the benefits throughout the rest of the month. In the experience of the women I work with, it turns out that slowing down at menstruation actually powers up the energy levels to be more available, more active, more productive for the rest of the month,

Lazy? Me? No - watch and learn - taking it easy at menstruation is self-care at its finest.


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